What is Phase 1 Orthodontic Treatment?

Have you ever heard about interceptive orthodontics? It’s a style of orthodontic treatment that is divided into two phases. Phase 1 is somewhat of an early intervention phase, while Phase 2 is done after the permanent teeth have all grown in. So what is Phase 1 orthodontic treatment?

Who Needs It?

Phase 1 orthodontic care is meant specifically for children who still have some of their baby teeth. Not every child who ends up needing orthodontic treatment necessarily needs Phase 1 orthodontic care, but it can be highly beneficial for some. Children who have speech or breathing problems related to their teeth and jaw positioning, have a jaw that isn’t in proportion with the rest of their head, or have teeth that protrude, crowd, gap, are crooked, or don’t come together correctly may benefit from Phase 1 orthodontic treatment.

What Are Phase 1 Goals?

The most obvious goal of Phase 1 orthodontic treatment is to begin to correct the problem or problems before they become worse or more difficult to treat. Depending on the issue at hand and the problems it’s causing, other goals may include improving your child’s self-image, reducing the risk of dental trauma, improving speech problems, or preventing problems with permanent teeth growing in. You may also have the goal of reducing the time spent on further orthodontic treatment or simplifying any future necessary treatments.

What’s Next?

Once Phase 1 orthodontic care is complete, your child will get a rest period. During this time the orthodontist will monitor how your child’s mouth naturally grows and develops. If all goes well, no further treatment may be necessary. If it is determined that more orthodontic treatments are needed, your child will move on to Phase 2 orthodontic care once all the permanent teeth have come in. Fortunately, this phase should be simpler and completed more quickly than it otherwise would be thanks to the work that was done in Phase 1.

The more you know as a parent about what orthodontic treatment options are, the more capable you’ll be of making informed decisions that will be of the greatest benefit to your child. Every parent wants to see their child smiling confidently, which is so much easier to do when the teeth are aligned and positioned correctly. Remember, early intervention can make treatment faster and easier than it would be if you just waited. If your child would benefit from interceptive orthodontics, it’s well worth checking out.

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