Modern Technology

iTero Element Digital Scanner

Our digital 3D scanners have eliminated the need for alginate orthodontic and space maintainer impressions. Our patients truly appreciate the comfort and accuracy of digital models. No more anxiety and gagging with gooey impression molds. We simply scan our patient’s mouth while viewing the 3D models on our computer screen in real time.

Digital impressions are more accurate reducing the number of fit issues with the braces. These high-precision detailed 3D model scans also cut down on laboratory turnaround time in order to start Invisalign orthodontic cases faster.

Digital X-rays

At this point, all modern orthodontic offices have replaced their outdated film type X-rays. Digital radiography requires very little radiation to expose a detailed diagnostic image with no chemical processing and environmental waste.

CBCT (Cone beam computed tomography)

Our VaTech Green CT 2 is a state-of-the-art extraoral imaging system. With remarkably low radiation, it provides extremely detailed 2D and 3D diagnostic images. This CBCT is a combination Panoramic, Cephalometric, and CT Scanner that aids analysis of:

  • Growth and development, tooth abnormalities, and orthodontic malocclusion
  • Anticipating root resorption and other adverse side effects
  • Impacted teeth, including wisdom teeth and canines

Nickel and Copper-Titanium Wires

Instead of stainless steel wires, more orthodontists are now using nickel or copper-titanium wires because they respond to the heat in the mouth and will bend and tighten more naturally as the teeth shift. These decrease the number of orthodontic adjustment appointments.

Temporary Anchorage Devices

Temporary anchorage devices are mini screws or mini implants that can be used to help shift more stubborn teeth when braces can’t do it alone.

Invisalign® Aligners

Invisalign® braces have changed the face of orthodontic care. When metal braces were your only option, you were forced to deal with a mouth full of metal and wires for long periods of time. This can be really hard, especially for tweens and teens who are very appearance focused.

Concerns about how braces make you look is not as big of a problem now because of innovative technologies like Invisalign®. Unlike metal braces, Invisalign® aligners are almost invisible inside your mouth. People will really need to stare at your teeth to notice them compared with more conventional braces.

Individual entertainment at every chairside

Each dental chair has its own entertainment station where kids can choose to watch a movie of their choice. We have both an open concept area and private operatories available per patient preference and comfort.

Health and Environmentally Conscious

We use a dry vacuum system to drastically reduce water consumption and waste. All of our dental products are vegan friendly (no animal products). We have an onsite water distillation system to run our sterilization processes. All of our offices exceed building efficiency and energy codes.