Treat Yourself: How to Reward Yourself When You Have Braces

While extremely worth any frustration or inconvenience in the long run, braces can create some difficulties with enjoying your favorite treats. And you deserve to be treated every once in a while! Here are some examples of treats that will not damage your braces or the teeth they’re helping out, so you can enjoy feeling rewarded.  


Sweet, fresh, and even full of nutrients that your body will love as much as your tastebuds, fruit is a fantastic frequent treat! Mix up your favorites, add a delicious dip, or just enjoy them plain and natural. Make fruit your go-to for sweet treats, as the natural sugars break down easier than processed sugars and won’t stick to your teeth as stubborn as sticky candies. Natural fruits are also soft enough that they won’t damage your braces or get stuck in them easily, which requires some annoying maneuvering with your brushing and flossing to clear out.


Chocolate is actually a great option for brace-friendly sweets, because it breaks down so quickly and thoroughly in your mouth. Those quickly melting particles give you that sugary, delicious taste you want without, again, getting stuck on or in or around those braces brackets. Dark chocolate is an especially good option, as it contains less sugar than milk chocolate… in fact, dark chocolate also contains healthy chemicals that can actually break down bad bacteria in your mouth, including some stubborn sugars that like to turn into damaging acids that can break down tooth enamel! So, (while you should still brush after any sweet intake) dark chocolate (in moderation of course) can actually be helpful in maintaining good dental health!


Love the fruity flavors but are tired or bored by their natural forms? Smoothies are an extremely popular choice for braces because they require no chewing (which means little to no particles stuck in braces) and are as sweet as any treat you could want! Blend up some of your favorite fruits with some water, a little juice, yogurt, or whatever smoothie base you choose, and drink up a refreshing and tasty beverage that will feel like a reward all on its own! You don’t have to feel limited to fruit smoothies, either—chocolate, peanut butter, caramel or  a mix of them all… smoothie recipe options are limitless and delicious!

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