How to Prepare Foods So They’re Safe for Braces

Everyone loves the results that come from having braces, but not as many people are excited about actually having them. Getting handed a list of foods that you love but are no longer supposed to eat can put a further damper on having braces. While there are some foods that are best left alone, others can be prepared in different ways that make it possible to continue to eat them.

Cook Them

Normally, crunchy vegetables and fruits are really good for you and your teeth. They act a little bit like a toothbrush, gently scraping your teeth and helping remove debris. The nature of these foods, however, means that they can damage your braces. Still, normally crunchy vegetables like carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower are quite healthy. You can continue to enjoy them and their nutrient content by cooking them so that they are soft and less likely to damage your braces.

Cut Them

If you just love apples, pears, and corn on the cob, you can still enjoy them, just not perhaps in the way you’re accustomed to. Instead of opting to bite into these types of foods with your front teeth, cut things like apples and pears into smaller pieces. You can cut the corn off of the cob to eat it that way. You’ll still probably get pieces stuck in your teeth and braces, but you’re less likely to damage wires and brackets.

Blend Them

Smoothies are a hugely popular way to enjoy a variety of fruits and vegetables. Because so many foods are on the list because of their texture, blending them up addresses and resolves the problem that a lot of them pose. It’s a lot harder for pureed foods to get stuck in braces or cause damage. Just be aware that fruits like strawberries can still pose a challenge. Strawberries in particular have a lot of tiny seeds that can get stuck in the nooks and crannies of braces and teeth.

While it’s not always the case, sometimes being able to eat foods that you enjoy while wearing braces is a matter of preparing them in a different way. Just remember that the whole point of wearing braces is to help you achieve a beautiful, healthy smile. What you choose to eat during the course of your braces treatment will have an impact on how effectively and efficiently the braces are able to work.

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