How to Make Braces More Affordable

So you’ve discovered that the future includes braces. While the tradeoff is a healthier, more beautiful smile, it’s thousands of dollars that you’re shelling out.  For some people, that’s little more than petty cash. If that’s not your situation, however, you might be wondering if there are things you can do to make them more affordable.

Plan Ahead

Sometimes there are pretty clear signs that you or your child will benefit from having braces. While the general rule for getting braces is ‘the sooner the better’ (once the majority of the permanent teeth come in), getting braces isn’t usually something that is super time sensitive. That means that you can plan ahead and start saving money to pay for braces. Setting aside a portion of your paycheck every month can add up, making it easier to pay for them when the time comes.


There’s plenty of grumbling to be done when it comes to insurance, but you can’t deny that it can really come in handy when you need it. If you compare the cost of braces with insurance to the cost of braces without insurance, you’ll find that the cost after insurance is generally much more affordable, sometimes chopping the price in half. How much you’ll pay will depend on your insurance and what they’re willing to cover. Keep in mind that if you change your insurance while you have braces, what you end up paying may change as well.


But what if you don’t have insurance? Or even if you do but it’s still more than you can pay upfront? Here at Stellar Family Orthodontics, we want everyone to be able to afford to have a healthy, beautiful smile. That’s why we offer in house financing. We offer flexible and affordable payment plans that make paying for braces a lot easier. Plus, we offer a family member discount in case more than one person in your family needs braces. We love to see whole families smiling!


Not everyone has the money on hand to pay for braces upfront. Fortunately, you may be able to plan ahead in some cases. Insurance can also come in handy. There’s also the option of in house financing. Don’t let the cost of braces put you off. When you or a family member need braces to achieve a healthier, more beautiful smile, we’ve got you covered here at Stellar Family Orthodontics.

Not everything comes at a cost to you. Schedule your Free Consultation today to see how we can help you achieve your best smile.