All About Ceramic Braces

Finding the right fit for your orthodontic needs can feel like a stressful decision—considering the look, the financial investment, and the quality of the results are all important factors! You likely know all about average braces or Invisalign, but ceramic braces are another popular decision with their own benefits that are worth looking into! Here are some details into ceramic braces to help you with your decision.

The Look

Braces are sometimes thought unappealing for their more “bold” or obvious look. Ceramic braces, on the other hand, are significantly more subtle… the bars and bands themselves are made with tooth-colored ceramic and bands that blend in to your teeth, making the look cleaner and clearer than normal braces. This is a greatly appreciated look for many who feel the look of normal braces is less professional or distracting. Especially from a distance, ceramic braces look natural and normal to any viewer, and even up close appear well-kept or unassuming.

The Cost

Because of their added benefits, ceramic braces usually cost a bit more than normal braces. However, they are also often less expensive than clear aligners that require new sets frequently… plus, the effectiveness of braces is proven to be greater than aligners! No need to worry about frequent repairs to ceramic braces… they are far more durable and impossible to lose, where aligners can bend easily and are likely to be misplaced from time to time which leads to costly repairs or replacements.

The Function

Normal braces and clear aligners are both known to come with complaints of harsh abrasions on gums and teeth from sharp edges. Ceramic has a smooth, almost glassy feel, taking away that painful sharpness! Furthermore, alignment made by braces is more likely to remain once the braces come off. Some aligners are not thought to be as effective at getting the alignment to “stick” after the patient stops wearing the trays. Braces also do not require as much time to complete their job as aligners do! Basically, you get the benefits of a short treatment time frame, a subtle look, an average cost, an increased durability, a heightened effectiveness, and a less painful process!

When it comes to figuring out what kind of treatment works best for you to get your teeth looking straight under the right kind of budget or time commitment, ceramic braces may be the best of both worlds. Ask your orthodontist if these may be the right pick for you!