3 Misconceptions about Braces and the Truth behind Them

When it comes to straightening teeth, braces are often the go-to method. Tried and true, there’s no denying that they can yield quality results. Despite that, there are some misconceptions about braces that can leave people a little uncomfortable or uncertain about the idea of getting them.

They’re Only for Cosmetic Purposes

The thing that first comes to mind for many people when they think about braces is their ability to straighten teeth and put them into an aesthetically appealing alignment. There’s more to braces than just cosmetics though. By bringing both your teeth and your bite into alignment, the teeth are less likely to experience uneven wear. It’s also easier to thoroughly clean your teeth, reducing your risk of plaque build up and dental decay.

They Take Forever to Work

How long you have to wear braces depends on a few factors, one of which is the severity of the problems being addressed by the braces. Still, while it could feel like you’ll be in them for forever, that’s not actually the case. Technological advancements in braces have increased both their efficiency and the speed at which they’re able to work. As a general rule, you should expect to have braces for 1-3 years. It’s exceptionally rare for braces to be required for longer than that.

They’re Super Uncomfortable All the Time

If the idea of being uncomfortable all the time because of your braces is turning you off of them, no need to worry. While it’s true that there is usually some level of discomfort after they’ve first been applied and may be after adjustments as well, the discomfort is usually quite easy to manage and only lasts for a few days at most. Today’s braces tend to be much smaller than they were historically, which means they’re also more comfortable than before. Remember, you can always use some dental wax to alleviate any discomfort you experience from brackets and wires rubbing the inside of your mouth as well.

It’s harder to feel good about something when you’re misinformed about it. Contrary to what some believe, braces are for more than just cosmetics, and may take less time to yield results than you might think. True, there are parts of having braces that can be uncomfortable, but it’s not constant. Remember, if you have other questions or concerns about braces, you can always talk to Dr. Chad Carver about them. He’s happy to answer your questions!

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