Tori Matthys, DDS MSD

I see orthodontics as the dual harmony of science and creativity. It’s my opportunity to be a scientist and an artist all at once with the final product a healthy and fantastic smile. It’s fun and rewarding to watch my patients smile and simultaneously their lives change each month. It is a tremendous honor to bond with people in a special way.


As an orthodontist, I find great joy in working with people in such a unique and personal way. Not only is it enjoyable to get to know each person during their treatment time, but they get to know my team and me, too. True connections are formed and friendships grow as we move beyond provider and patient. Often, when treatment is complete, the person has an incredible, confident new smile – and we have made a friend for life!

Orthodontics is a unique specialty. Patients come to us voluntarily, seeking to improve their lives. They are excited about the process and engaged in every step of treatment. I believe the best orthodontic experience, and strongest results, can only be achieved by partnering with my patient: they, their family, my team, and I must work together to develop that amazing smile!

Because treatment usually takes several years, and I see patients about once a month, we have the time necessary to build a bond of trust and respect. I care about each patient, personally, and want only the best for them.

I love the transformations I see in every person, from the bounce in their step to their confidence growing as their teeth shift into a more ideal alignment. By the time treatment is complete, each person’s self-worth, and comfort with who they are and how they look, has transformed: they have a great smile and can’t wait to share it with the world!

Professional Details

Residency and Orthodontic Specialty: University of Washington
American Association of Orthodontists
Washington State Society of Orthodontists
Invisalign Preferred Provider
Seattle Met: Top Dentist – multiple years

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